About me

I'm S, a Chicago-based product designer with a passion for solving complex usability problems.

With 5 years of digital design experience, I've worked across multiple business sectors including B2B tech, pharmaceutical, and web consultancy. I have a multi-disciplinary background, and focus on creating intuitive, user-centric, and accessible products. My specialities are designing interfaces, conducting user research, and aligning product strategy across departments. I prefer to focus on UX over UI, but I'm well versed in applying design systems and following brand guidelines. I have a deep fascination with behavioral psychology, and find such principals integral to my practice.

My design ethos:

  • I crave intellectual challenge through problem solving.

  • It's important my work creates value and impact.

  • I'm not interested in graphic design, colors, typography, or branding.

  • Designing without research is a recipe for disaster.

  • I can read code, but I don't write it.

  • I excel in a environment with a structured process and cross-team collaboration.

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I've been volunteering for UX Y'all, an annual UX conference based in North Carolina, for the past 3 years, as a social media coordinator. I became social media lead for 2023, leading a team of 2.

I support my alma matter, the College of Design at NCSU, by offering portfolio reviews and career guidence for undergratuates looking to work in UX.

Did I mention I have a cat? I’ll probably do that a lot.

Her name is Katya.

2024 S Schaedler Design

2024 S Schaedler Design

2024 S Schaedler Design